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Gail French and her dog Alexa

Gail French has forty years of education and experience in the health profession, including over twenty of experience as a Feldenkrais Practitioner. She enjoys sharing her knowledge in order to tailor a treatment approach to fit anyone's needs. 


Gail has the following certifications and training:

Physical Therapy - University of Miami, 1986 (Magna cum Laude)

Occupational Therapy - Maria College, Albany, NY, 1977 (High Honors)

Feldenkrais® Practitioner - Institute of Movement Studies, Berkeley, CA, 1993

Movement Intelligence Senior Trainer - 2014

Walk for Life Certified - 2012

Bones for Life Certified - 2003

Visceral Mobilization - currently studying with Barral Institute


When not working with her patients, Gail enjoys playing ice hockey and riding her unicycle, babysits dogs for her many friends and families, and kayaks around in Alaska's many waterways.


Watch Gail teach a Bones for Life 3-day seminar here.

Gail French on her unicycle
Gail French
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