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Joe Harmon

Gail....This time of the Year I go into reflection about occurrences that took place in the past year that were not planned the year previously.  One such, was the special effects that occurred as a result of the Feldenkrais contribution.  I want to THANK YOU for the opportunity I received from your knowledge, experience and caring nature during our “sessions”...There is no question that a dynamic shift in structure and flexibility resulted from your help.   People constantly comment about my posture, my lighter attitude and my more youthful appearance.

As you know, I have received countless hours of body work. Yet structural changes never resulted for years of this.  This occurred while under your care and methods.  I am honored and pleased to be one of your JELLYFISH contracting and lengthening as I spurt from here to there or even from here to nowhere.  What profound Magic resulted from our times together.  


I owe my physical and athletic success to Gail French and Bones For Life®.  Gail is a world-class teacher and trainer. She makes the Bones For Life® processes easy to understand and replicate in everyday life.  I highly recommend taking a class or training workshop with Gail.  It could change your life.


Gail helped me develop an exercise program to strengthen my lower back. Every day I go through a short, 10-minute stretching/exercise program based on movements that Gail suggested which has resulted in probably more than a 95% reduction in my lower back problems.  

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